Watch Lions, Tigers, Chimps, and Beagles Get Their First Taste of Freedom

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From foxes feeling a grass field to beagles finally able to chase tennis balls, animals released from cages have unique ways of showing their joy. Thanks to a new animal-release supercut from The Dodo, we can see lions, tigers, chimpanzees, seals, rabbits, and even chickens stretch their legs, wings, and tails in their newfound environment outside cages and laboratory facilities.  “Huge-hearted humans dedicate their lives to rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing injured animals to sanctuaries and the wild,” Emily Pelleymounter, The Dodo’s video producer, said in a statement. “And that moment when an animal gets his first taste of real freedom? It is unforgettable for animals and humans alike.”


Jeans Made by Lions, and Tigers, and Bears

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Like your jeans broken-in and a little tattered? Then you’ll probably love the latest in designer denim from Japan: blue jeans ripped and distressed by the lions, tigers, and bears of Hitachi City’s Kamine Zoo.The Mineko Club, an organization of zoo supporters, is auctioning three pairs of “the only jeans on Earth designed by dangerous animals” to benefit the zoo and the World Wildlife Fund.

Armed Commandos To Protect India’s Tigers

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Armed commandos are to be deployed in the jungles of southern India to deter poachers from capturing and killing endangered tigers, state government officials announced on Wednesday.  The 54-strong Special Tiger Protection Force will patrol the two main tiger reserves of Bandipur and Nagarhole national parks on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu state border, the Karnataka government in Bangalore said.

Help Stamp Out Extinction With The Postal Service

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A Save Vanishing Species semi-postal stamp featuring the Amur tiger club will be issued on Tuesday, Sept. 20. The stamp will sell for 55 cents each or $11 for a sheet of 20 stamps. Net proceeds from the sales will go to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to support its Multinational Species Conservation Funds.

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