Which Animals Use Tools?

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Flash back to 1960. At that point in time the best definition of a human was a being with the ability to make tools. Man the tool-maker was considered to be different from animals in this regard. Dr. Jane Goodall was observing chimpanzees at Gombe National Park in Tanzania and saw two chimps strip the leaves off of small twigs and use them as tools to “fish” termites out of the ground to eat. This was the first time a non-human had ever been seen to create a tool and use it to accomplish a task.



World’s Rarest Animals Captured on Hidden Cameras

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According to DigitalTrends, group of tech-savvy biologists and animal researchers have set up more than 400 hidden cameras out in the wild, and have captured tens of thousands of images of some of nature’s most elusive — and fearsome — creatures.


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