Video: Labrador Puppies In Slow Motion

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Labrador puppies meet “Chariots of Fire” for an adorable and inspiring video to lift anyone’s mood.  According to YouTube uploader robistration, the puppies were filmed with a Canon HV30, and the slow motion effect was created using Adobe Pro CS3.


Puppy Mill Rescue Produces Tiny Miracle

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Last Monday, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) rescue teams assisted in an operation that rescued 175 dogs from a puppy mill in Arkansas. Most dogs were small breeds like Chihuahuas, Boston terriers, and dachshunds.

Abandoned Dog Found With Divorce Note

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When Paul Wu of Kirkland, Washington backed out of his driveway, he was shocked to find a small, big-eyed dog blocking his way, King 5 News reported.

Rambo the Puppy Escapes Major Car Accident

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This puppy named Rambo lived up to his name.  The 6-month-old Australian shepherd jumped out a shattered window to escape a major smashup on the New Jersey Turnpike, dodged a mile of highway traffic, slipped a dognapper’s grasp, and eventually landed in a suburb 20 miles from home.

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