Video: Bear Cub Wanders Rite Aid’s Aisles

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In case you’re wondering, a bear cub ambles through the aisles of a drugstore the same way a toddler does.  It runs, stops, walks, and most likely is on the hunt for sweets. At least that’s what one bear caught on camera at a Rite Aid in Ashland, Oregon, was doing.  The bear’s day started with a trip to a Super 8 motel, according to a KOBI-TV report. The one-month-old apparently meandered around the hallways until it was able to get into a room. From there, it escaped out a window and ran across the street to Rite Aid


Hook-Legged Spider Found In Oregon Cave

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A group of cave explorers and scientists have made a rare discovery:  an entirely new taxonomic family of spider in the caves of southern Oregon. Only two other spider families (the taxonomic group above both genus and species) have been found since 1990, and this is the first newly discovered, native one uncovered in North America since 1890, said California Academy of Sciences researcher Charles Griswold, lead author of the study that described the species.

OR7 Lone Wolf Returns To California

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A male wolf that made headlines by becoming the first of its species in more than 80 years to be found in the wild in California has crossed back into the Golden State on its determined quest for a mate. The gray wolf, designated OR7 by wildlife managers, has traveled more than 2,000 miles (3,219 km) since leaving its pack in northeastern Oregon last September and heading south, paying its first visit to California in late December.

Surfer Stands on Great White Shark Instead of Board

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Surfer Doug Niblack of Oregon had the ride of his life recently when he wound up standing on top of a thrashing great white shark instead of his surf board, reports the Associated Press.

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