Weird Service Animals Show Up In Odd Places

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A woman and a kangaroo wearing a diaper walk into a McDonald’s, and the woman says: He’s my service kangaroo.  No, it’s not the setup for a joke. But it may be a sign of the times.  In a culture that has increasingly embraced animals as an extension of family, the kangaroo incident earlier this year seems to be part of a growing problem. With pigs flying — literally — aboard passenger flights, monkeys cruising the grocery aisles and large snakes hanging out in restaurants, the issue of what’s legitimately a service animal for someone with a disability can get murky.

Video: Kangaroo And Lemur Play Tag

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If you hate cute animals you should probably just turn off your computer now, because you don’t belong on the Internet. Here we have two cute animals being extra cute. A kangaroo named Bug and a lemur named Lolli are playing tag in this backyard sanctuary.

Cuteness Motherlode: Orphaned Kangaroo And Baby Wombat Are Best Mates

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Could this possibly be the plot for a new Disney film? Anzac, a five-month old kangaroo, found himself alone after his mother was hit by car just north of Melbourne, Australia. Even though Anzac was with his mother when the incident took place, the pouch he was tuckered into kept him safe and sound. When rescuers found the little joey, they figured the young orphan would need a friend to grow up with, so they brought him to the Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Center and introduced him to another lonely orphan, Peggy, a five-month old wombat, whose mother was also killed by a car.

Oklahoma Woman And Her Pet Kangaroo Plan To Move To Another Town After Spat With City

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An Oklahoma woman who keeps a partially paralyzed kangaroo as a therapy pet said Wednesday that she is moving to another city over a spat with local officials, even though they insist they haven’t told her to go or threatened to seize the animal. Christie Carr, who says she has been diagnosed with depression, plans to take Irwin the kangaroo from Broken Arrow to McAlester to stay with her parents because of the fuss. Carr said she hastily packed what she could in her car Wednesday afternoon because she could “no longer trust” city officials.

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