Remarkable Patients at a NYC Exotic Animal Hospital

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The Center For Avian and Exotic Medicine in New York City isn’t your average pet clinic. Cats and dogs are not allowed, but you can find bearded dragons, sugar gliders, ferrets and more. Linda Kuo spent over a year documenting the extraordinary patients of the center for her series Displaced.  Kuo made portraits of pets as they underwent everything from routine checkups to complicated surgeries. Treatments include endoscopy, radiosurgery, mass removals, and even shell repair. The photographer captures her subjects in a way that’s clinical but compassionate, showing the special skills and curious technology required to treat exotic animals.

Nepal Turns to Help Quake-Injured Animals

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Three dogs with broken legs have been waiting days for surgery at the Vet For Your Pet clinic in this city just east of Kathmandu. But with his family camped out in his ground-floor storefront and his support staff off tending to their households after last week’s earthquake, veterinarian Pranav Raj Joshi has had to hold off operating.  “I hope by Monday we can do the amputations,” Joshi said Saturday. “The fractures are too severe (to repair), but they’ll do fine on three legs once we can complete the surgery.”

Video: 90 Year Old Tortoise Gets a New Set of Wheels

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For approximately 90 years, Mrs. T moved along just like any tortoise would: At a glacial, slightly wobbly, but persistent pace.  But when she woke up from hibernation in a British garden shed, she discovered those days were over. Something terrible had happened: A rat had gnawed off her legs!  OK, that’s the horrible part of this story. The wonderful part is that her owner, Jude Ryder, got her patched up (at a cost of around $1500), then handed her over to her grown son Dale to help make her mobile again.

Rare Gray Whale Superpod Spotted

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In late January, a group on a whale-watching trip off the California coast witnessed a rare superpod of gray whales. The footage shows the pod traveling at the end of the day, and they briefly interact with a group of Risso’s dolphins. Captain Todd Mansur and Captain Frank Brennan used a drone to capture the event.

Wild Animals and Their Young

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Take a look at these beautiful images of animals rearing their young in the wild. Each photo captured the beauty of the unbreakable bond between a parent and their child. If you’re a parent, you’ll surely appreciate this.

Delays on Highway After Dog Goes For a Drive

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Delays were caused on a busy stretch of the M74 motorway after reports of a dog “taking control of a tractor”. The incident – highlighted on Twitter by Traffic Scotland – took place at J13 at Abington, South Lanarkshire.  It later emerged that a sheepdog called Don, owned by farmer Tom Hamilton, had leaned on the controls of his utility vehicle, taking it on to the road.  Police and Mr Hamilton later recovered Don, who was unhurt, and the vehicle, from the central reservation.

Couple Forgot to Tell Cat They Have a Baby

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Prepping for your first child is a beautiful and exceedingly stressful transitional period. Between making sure your home isn’t an infant death trap, buying Instagrammable onesies and wondering whether their or not parental instincts will kick in, expecting parents have a lot on their minds.  But that’s no excuse to keep pets in the dark.  Kitties should always have a say in any major life changes you might be making. Whether it’s marriage, children, moving, taking new job or going back to school — consult your cat. They will not be even a little bit helpful, but it’s important to keep them involved.

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