Video: First Taste Of Freedom For Six Overjoyed Animals

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These beagles, who had lived their entire lives in cages, romp playfully in the grass for the first time ever, thanks to the Beagle Freedom Project.


Video: Cat Meets Snow, Cannot Believe It

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Remember the first time you saw snow? Remember how fascinating it was? Well, even if you don’t, you’ll still get a kick out of watching this cat play in the snow, possibly for the first time in its life. This video, uploaded to YouTube on Friday by user “jefcharles,” shows Fletcher wandering through the snow — and the feline can’t believe its luck!

Formerly Blind Mama Orangutan Can See Her Babies For The First Time

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A formerly blind Sumatran orangutan can see her baby twins for the first time after undergoing cataract surgery in the first such operation in Indonesia. The orangutan, named Gober, was captured for her own safety in late 2008 in North Sumatra province after she went blind in both eyes due to cataracts. She gave birth to the twins in early 2011 as part of a breeding program.

Video: Baby Penguin Reacts To First Sight Of Human

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Humans love to line up in front of the glass walls at penguin zoo exhibits, staring at the antics of the black-and-white, two-legged creatures. But what about when the tides are turned, when penguins get a chance to meet the strange humans, observing them for the first time? That moment was captured on camera by a man traveling to penguins’ home habitat, Antarctica.

Endangered Philippine Raptor Bred In Captivity

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A Philippine hawk-eagle feared to be heading for extinction has been bred in captivity for the first time, its breeders said Thursday. Hand-fed with ground quail meat, the chick has swiftly bulked up to 157 grams (0.04 ounces), three times its weight when hatched in an artificial incubator 16 days ago, the Philippine Eagle Foundation said.

Video: World’s Most Elusive Whale Caught On Video For First Time

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Scientists on a research voyage in Bass Straight got an exhilarating surprise when they chanced upon what might be the world’s most mysterious and elusive whale: the Shepherd’s beaked whale. It is believed this is the first time the species has ever been captured on video.

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