Bomb Sniffing Elephants in South Africa

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Armed with a sharp sense of smell, dogs have a long history of detecting explosives for their human handlers. Trained rats sniff out land mines from old African wars. In Croatia, researchers have tried to train bees to identify TNT.  Now elephants. New research conducted in South Africa and involving the U.S. military shows they excel at identifying explosives by smell, stirring speculation about whether their extraordinary ability can save lives.


Video: Doggie Shows Off Cutest Case Of Road Rage

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When we saw a seemingly annoyed boxer dog honking her owner’s car horn back in March, we thought she was just a rare case of a perturbed puppy.  But now that we have stumbled upon the video above, and we see yet another pooch laying on the horn, we are certain that this is what dogs do when they have absolutely no patience.

Hundreds of Dogs Saved From Massacre on Puerto Rico

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When Stephen McGarva and wife Pamela decided to move to Puerto Rico because of her job, he jumped at the chance to ­explore the sun-soaked island.  On their first week in the lush resort community in Humacao in October 2005, McGarva — an artist, extreme-sports addict and professional free spirit — went exploring remote Playa Lucia beach for a killer wind gust.  “I noticed what I thought was a pile of coconut husks,” he told The Post. “When I got closer, I said, ‘Oh, my God, it’s a dog.’ ”

Lucifer the Lion Treated With Acupuncture

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Veterinarian Nicki Grint usually performs acupuncture on dogs, but she’s been using the ancient Chinese practice to treat a bigger beast at the Paignton Zoo in Devon, England.  Lucifer, a 419-pound Asiatic lion, had a tumor removed from his right hind paw before he was recently transferred from the London Zoo to Paignton. (He was born in captivity at the U.K.’s Cotswold Wildlife Park in 2002.) His wound from the procedure wasn’t healing, so his keepers at the Devon facility took an unconventional approach.

25 Pets That Take a Cute Selfie

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The word “duckface” just got a whole new meaning.  While snapping a shot of your own face is still wildly popular on social media, people just can’t compete with their furry friends when it comes to selfies. Dogs, cats and even guinea pigs are getting a taste of Internet fame through some self-indulgent photo session — and they like it.

-Igor Purlantov

Does Your Cat Love You?

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With sloppy kisses and swishing tails, it’s hard not to notice how much dogs love their owners, as if their only purpose is to love, love, love you and sometimes eat. That’s because we’ve been breeding dogs for tens of thousands of years, selecting the cutest and waggiest pooches for pets. Young pups even respond to human gestures.

17 Breeds of Dogs at 6 Weeks Old

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Puppyhood is an awe-inducing showcase of 25 breeds of dogs all photographed at six weeks of age. Professional animal photographer J.Nichole Smith of Little & Large shot 25 different litters over a hectic 30 day period. We caught up with Smith who was kind enough to give us some background info on the project.

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