Video: Your Christmas Tree Could Become a Lion’s Favorite New Toy

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Fed up with waiting for the garbage collector to grab the undecorated fire hazard of a Christmas tree sitting in front of your house?  If you lived near one zoo in the United Kingdom, your tree could have been a New Year’s treat for a family of African lions.  Real Christmas trees are like “catnip” to lions, Kim Simmons, director of the Linton Zoological Gardens, told the BBC on Sunday.

Very Smart Ape Demonstrates How to Roast Marshmallows

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For one very talented ape, having no trainer and no assistance is no problem when it comes to making a favorite fireside snack.  Kanzi the bonobo is not your average animal. The ape knows some American Sign Language, can create stone tools, and apparently cooks. That last trait is highlighted in a viral video from BBC One. The U.K. network’s show “Monkey Planet” explores “your animal family as you’ve never seen it before.” In the series, the characteristics that primates share with humans are explored. A shining example comes courtesy of Kanzi.  George McGavin, the host of the show, narrates the video. In the minute-long clip published to the BBC’s YouTube channel, Kanzi is shown building a fire. The bonobo breaks debris and wood before piling the pieces neatly. He then lights a match and uses a small branch to ignite the fire.

-Igor Purlantov

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