17 Baby Elephants Learning How To Use Their Trunks

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“What the heck is this thing on my face??”



Video: Dog Spoils Crying Baby With Toys

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Charlie really found himself in the dog house when he stole baby Laura’s toys.  The upset tot burst into tears after the playful pooch pinched her favorite furry mobile.  But the cheeky canine soon won back her trust by bringing her a selection of new playthings.  And the entire adorable incident was all caught on camera.  The cute footage shows the bashful beagle walking off with one of the infant’s possessions.


World’s First and Only Seeing Eye Cat


Carolyn Swanson was featured in a 1947 LIFE magazine issue because of her special pet: she owned a seeing eye cat. Her Persian kitty named Baby was so loyal to her, he led her everywhere she wanted to go. He helped her leave the house, safely cross streets and go about her daily life.  He may be the first (and only) seeing eye cat to ever exist.


San Diego Zoo’s New Panda To Make Public Debut

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A baby panda made its first public appearance to a chorus of “ooos” and “awwws” at the San Diego Zoo. The 5-month-old male cub was brought out to meet its fans for a couple hours Thursday morning. The baby panda is named Xiao Liwu, which means “little gift” in Chinese.


Baby Sea Lion Rescued In Malibu On Christmas

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A baby sea lion is hopefully on the way to recovery after it was rescued in Malibu on Christmas morning. Experts believe the yearling climbed up on a rock several days ago and got stuck, appearing thin and bony upon discovery. Rescuers said the lion has a medical issue that has yet to be diagnosed. Residents became concerned after they realized the sea lion never left, so they called a local rescue organization for help. They responded Tuesday and successfully rescued the pup with no major injuries.


Zoo Babies 2012: Adorable Baby Animal Pictures From Around The World

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From bonobos to zebras, zoo babies as a set are pretty adorable. These incredibly cute photos highlight young and newborn animals from zoos around the world.


Video: Ze Frank’s True Facts About Baby Echidnas

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A few weeks ago, the internet went nuts over this video of a rare Australian animal called an echidna being nursed by a zoo caretaker. Since most Americans don’t know a ton about echidnas or their babies — called puggles — Ze Frank put together this handy guide to help us all with the basics.


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