Puppy Bowl 2013 Lineup Revealed

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While football fans anticipate the approaching Super Bowl bonanza, lovers of animals (and all things cute and cuddly) can now celebrate the advent of an exciting bowl of their own. We’re talking about the Puppy Bowl, of course — Animal Planet’s annual battle of unbridled cuteness that will air this year on Sunday, Feb. 3. The 2013 Puppy Bowl lineup was revealed this week, and avid fans of the cutefest have hardly been able to contain their glee.



26 Humans And Pets Who Are Getting Some Wet Lovin’

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Remember our slideshow of animal-human hugs? We’re back with a second installation — a collection of slobbery animal kisses. From two otters getting it on to a British MP kissing his Bull Terrier, this slideshow is a celebration of the no-holds-barred affection that only animals are capable of.


Is Your Pet Psychic? A Cambridge Scientist Believes We Have Only Seen The Beginning Of Animals’ Telepathic Powers

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One of my former neighbours in my home town of Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, was a widow whose son was a sailor in the merchant navy. He did not like to tell his mother when he would be coming home on leave because he was afraid she would worry if he was delayed on the way. But his mother always knew anyway — thanks to the family cat. This pet was very attached to this young man and, an hour or two before he arrived, it sat on the front door mat and began miaowing loudly as if equipped with some sixth sense which told it that he was on the way.


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