Cat Lovers Demanding NYC Shelters Stop Killing Strays

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Cat lovers across the globe have their claws out for Mayor Bill de Blasio, demanding that he stop the city’s Animal Care & Control shelters from killing stray felines.  “He is doing nothing,” former Italian Sen. Carla Rocchi, who heads an animal-rights group in her country, fumed to The Post on Sunday. “He has the power to immediately stop the massacre because AC&C is under his government.”

Video: A Talking Parrot Meets A Stuffed Rabbit

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Parrots crack me up. I always wondered if they knew what they were saying or if they just mimicked what they heard. This guy makes me think he definitely knows what he’s talking about!  What do you think? Is he really trying to get the stuffed bunny to play with him? First he’s saying “Peek-A-Boo,” but at 1:24 I swear he’s telling the bunny to wake up! Poor parrot. He can’t get his new friend to play with him! Lucky for him his parents are keeping him company; it’s no fun not having anyone to talk to!

25 Pets That Take a Cute Selfie

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The word “duckface” just got a whole new meaning.  While snapping a shot of your own face is still wildly popular on social media, people just can’t compete with their furry friends when it comes to selfies. Dogs, cats and even guinea pigs are getting a taste of Internet fame through some self-indulgent photo session — and they like it.

-Igor Purlantov

Surfing Dolphins Ride Waves Like Pros

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Aquariums feature bottlenose dolphins for their charm and intelligence, but no Hula Hoop tank trick beats what the mammals can do in the ocean—no training required.Filmmaker Dave Riggs captured such a feat off the coast of Western Australia. Riggs’ company doesn’t just shoot footage for the awesome sights. The group has been working with researchers to document Western Australia’s marine life and bring attention to aquatic ecosystems at risk.

Even Congress Is Worried About SeaWorld’s Captive Orcas

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“The interesting thing about tipping points is that you never know quite when you’re at the top — you need to keep pushing tenaciously until the momentum is unstoppable,” Louie Psihoyos, executive director of Oceanic Preservation Society said in reaction the Congress’ push to protect orcas. “The momentum against cetaceans in captivity is now reaching that apex — when Congress acts quickly and unanimously on anything you know we are about to see the summit of that tipping point. SeaWorld investors should be running from the exits like rats from a ship.”

The Dog That Went on Air Raids and Became a Hero

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On a very cold morning in January 1940, Czech airman Robert Bozdech and French pilot Pierre Duval were on a reconnaissance mission over enemy lines when a German plane shot them down. Bozdech scrambled out, freeing an injured Duval from his harness and dragging him into a snowbank. In search of cover, Bozdech spotted a farmhouse off in the distance, about 300 feet away.

Video: Baby Rhino Is Attached to Keeper

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An orphaned baby rhino has bonded with its keeper after seeing South African poachers mutilate his mother for her horn. The animal was brought to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center in South Africa and affectionately named Gretjie by the staff. The poachers slaughtered his mother at the Kapama Private Game Reserve in South Africa on the night of May 7, according to the center.

Igor Purlantov

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