Animal Rights Group Praises Legislator For Work

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State Sen. Mark Manendo might not be able to talk to the animals but he has made their cause his own in the Nevada Legislature.  The Las Vegas Democrat authored two bills and one resolution aimed at animal rights issues in the 2013 session, including Senate Bill 72, which prohibits intentional horse tripping at rodeos. All three passed.

Costa Rica Pushes to Close Public Zoos

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Costa Rica’s two public zoos may be closing next year as officials attempt to build a new, cage-free environment. Environment Minister Rene Castro says that due to “a change of environmental conscience” in Costa Rica, the Simon Bolivar Zoo will become a botanical garden with no captive animals.

10 Islands Teeming With Wild Animals

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Some you may want to visit. Others you definitely want to avoid. But all pique the imagination, reminding us of the bizarre nooks and crannies that exist in our world.  Here are the top 10 islands filled with wild animals:

Maybe Animals Just Need Quality Time With Friends

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At the sight of human visitors, the adult lion rose from his slumber and prowled to the front of a wooded enclosure on the grounds of the 50-acre International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, about 40 minutes north of Fort Worth.

Woolly Mammoth DNA May Lead to Its Resurrection

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The pioneering scientist who created Dolly the sheep has outlined how cells plucked from frozen woolly mammoth carcasses might one day help resurrect the ancient beasts.

Closer Look at ‘Nonhuman Personhood’ and Animal Welfare

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Is it ethical to draw a line between animals we see as deserving “personhood” and those we see more as features of a landscape or the source of food on a plate? Is a dolphin more deserving of special consideration for its care than a pig?

Images: Cats Descended from Non-Domestic Animals

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The first known Savannah cat was born April 7, 1986 when a female domestic cat gave birth to a kitten sired by an African Serval, according to the International Cat Association (TICA).

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