20 Adorable Animals That Dislike the Vet

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An animal’s equivalent to a dentist appointment is a trip to the vet.  They can put on their best puppy face and try as hard as they want — even hide in the sink at the doctor’s office — but the visit is inevitable. Despite putting your beloved pet through so much anxiety, your little ball of fluff is just as cute when they’re a ball of nerves.Sorry, cute animals, but there is just no escaping a trip to the evil vet — no matter how adorable you look.


Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Saving Puppies in Sochi

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Now this is how you win the Olympics — or at least our hearts.  Team USA skier Gus Kenworthy is spending his free time in Sochi rounding up adorable stray puppies in hopes of keeping them safe. Olympics officials were outed before the games for killing stray dogs there in an attempt to maintain a clean image. 


Your Cat Thinks You’re Just Another Cat


As an overly-exuberant animal lover, I’m somewhat ashamed to confess that I am not a cat person.  Sure, cats are as cute as the next fuzzy mammal and kittens are all-out adorable, but felines enjoy hunting and killing things, and they don’t seem to care much for humans either. Unlike the “I’ll-love-you-and-be-your-best-friend-forever-no-matter-what!” enthusiasm you get from a dog, cats always seem to be giving me the side eye, and in turn, I usually feel the need to give it right back.


Cute New Animal Discovered

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The animal kingdom just got a lot cuter.  Scientists have discovered a a new species of mammal — a raccoon-like furball with the face of a teddy bear.


Cats vs. Your Stuff

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From the endless amount of cat content on the Internet, it’s clear that cats are adorable, sly, and sassy. These cats are all of those things, with an emphasis on the sass. These 27 cats have taken your stuff for ransom and they are not giving it up.


Video: Polar Bear Cub At Buffalo Zoo Introduced To The Public

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Here’s to a super-cuddly start to the long-awaited weekend. On Friday, an adorable polar bear cub made her public debut at the Buffalo Zoo, tickling onlookers with her unbearably cute antics.


Zoo Babies 2012: Adorable Baby Animal Pictures From Around The World

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From bonobos to zebras, zoo babies as a set are pretty adorable. These incredibly cute photos highlight young and newborn animals from zoos around the world.


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