Sharks vs. Dolphins: Face Off

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“Reel them in,” marine ecologist Dr. Mike Heithaus says with a laugh. No, Shark Week titles don’t get much grabbier than his, Sharks vs. Dolphins: Face Off, which premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on Discovery. As it suggests, the two species are at odds more than we suspect, and the hour looks at not only likely attack scenarios — see one in the sneak peek above — but also the strengths and weaknesses of each.

13 Sensational Camera Trap Photos of African Animals At Night

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Will Burrard-Lucas likes to photograph unsuspecting African animals with strategically placed camera traps. For his latest project, the wildlife photographer sought to capture images of nocturnal animals as they conduct their affairs at night, and the results are spectacular.  Burrard-Lucas, with the help of African Parks and Norman Carr Safaris, recently undertook two expeditions to Liuwa Plain, a remote national park in the west of Zambia. His goal was to capture striking images of animals in low-light conditions, which can be a formidable and technically challenging task.

A Shark Week First: Watch a Great White Glide Into the Deep

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Discovery’s Shark Week continues tonight with the premiere of three new specials: At 8 p.m., it’s Shallow Water Invasion, which looks at great whites moving into shallow at night at Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. At 9 p.m., it’s Jaws of the Deep, which finds marine biologist Greg Skomal and the REMUS SharkCam team deploying a new AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) at Guadalupe Island to capture footage of great whites “gliding” — and possibly “napping.” And at 10 p.m., Dr. Craig O’Connell returns to do more testing on his Sharksafe Barrier in Sharks Among Us.

Wildlife Rehab: ‘Animals Enrich Our Lives’

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Linda Peck has two raccoons in the bathroom, five more in a pen outside, a robin on the back porch. In the basement, she’s raising mice to feed the raptors.  A wildlife rehabilitator for 30-plus years, Peck, 74, fields calls — and takes in animals — from throughout Minnesota.  The animals arrive injured, diseased, shot, poisoned — as many as 250 of them in a single year.  “I believe (animals) enrich our lives. They enrich mine, and I think if we don’t maintain a connection to the natural world we are losing some joy. We’re going to lose our own existence if we don’t learn how to live gently,” Peck said, explaining why she continues an effort that can be as heartbreaking as it is rewarding.

Going a Little Wild: When Animals Have Fun

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It’s not just humans who play around or treat themselves to junkfood! Whether they live in the wild, in zoos, or as pets in our homes, animals also like to horse around or pig out every once in a while.

11-Year-Old Girl On Mission to Save Shelter Animals

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An 11-year-old Orange County girl has made it her mission to save homeless animals.  When Emmy Perry of Dana Point was 7 years old, she created an organization to do just that, calling it Emmy’s Hope.”I know what I’m doing is helping,” Emma Perry said. “I saw so many dogs in need of help and homes.”  She’s an actress and singer in addition to being a life-long animal crusader, and donates a portion of the money she earns directly to animal shelters.

Should Wild Animals That Attack People Be Killed?

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A marathon runner who was mauled by a bear in New Mexico on Saturday thought quickly, played dead and escaped injured, but alive. The female bear, which wildlife officials said was with her cubs when she was surprised by the runner, was captured and put to death.  New Mexico officials said they were “confident” they had the right bear, which wore a radio collar, and noted with regret that state law requires them to euthanize and test for rabies any wild animal that attacks or bites a person, no matter the circumstances.

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