More Protections Needed for Majestic Animals

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When I was first contacted by reporter James West from Mother Jones magazine in November 2015, I was thrilled. After trying to bring attention to the deficits, violations, and rampant breeding at DEW Haven for over a year, I was hopeful there was a source now that could bring this issue to a higher audience than I could never reach. Thankfully an investigative article came to fruition.

Do Animals Have Legal Rights?

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Gandhi taught that “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated.” The way in which Western Civilization has neglected its duty to care for some of its most precious creatures reflects a callous attitude towards non-human life. This is especially true in legal settings.

Escape Artist Animals Find New Life at Woodstock Animal Sanctuary



One resident was maced by Long Island cops. Another was so brutalized that he needed a prosthetic limb.  And then there’s Magnus, who almost lost his life in a religious rite.  They’re just a few of the escape-artist animals that found salvation in Woodstock Animal Sanctuary — the premiere destination for New York City critters that flee slaughterhouses and make headlines.  Now, the traumatized barnyard bandits are bombarded with affection from the almost-entirely vegan staff of animal lovers.

Boaty McBoatface Inspires Internet to Rename Animals

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We can’t stop laughing — and it’s all Boaty McBoatface’s fault.  That ridiculous moniker has been making headlines thanks to a public plea from Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council to come up with a name for its new $288 million polar research vessel. The Internet suggested such fine candidates the RRS Henry Worsley, after the British explorer who passed away earlier this year, as well as the RRS David Attenborough, after the famed naturalist. And then came the entry of the RRS Boaty McBoatface which, as of this morning, has amassed an Internet-approved 77,936 votes, 10 times more than its closest competition.

Funding For Endangered Animals Unevenly Distributed

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In the world of conservation, it appears some animals are more equal than others. That’s according to a new study by Arizona State University researcher Leah Gerber, which claims there’s an uneven distribution of funds for endangered animals.  The study, published in PNAS, looked at US funding for endangered species and found a lack of balance when it comes to protecting animals.

Researchers: Female Animals May Be Less Colorful to Avoid Harassment

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Scientists have come up with a new explanation for why female animals are usually less colorful and decorated than their male counterparts — they could be seeking to avoid sexual harassment.  The reason for the relative drabness of many female animal species has long been a source of puzzlement, with various theories posited over the years.  Males compete for the sexual attention of females, which need to be picky about their mates because in the animal kingdom they generally look after any resulting offspring.

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