Animals Think, Therefore

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In 1992, at Tangalooma, off the coast of Queensland, people began to throw fish into the water for the local wild dolphins to eat. In 1998, the dolphins began to feed the humans, throwing fish up onto the jetty for them. The humans thought they were having a bit of fun feeding the animals. What, if anything, did the dolphins think?

Animals Find Forever Homes This Holiday

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There are millions of loving and healthy cats and dogs sitting in shelters that are in need of a “forever home” or simply just a family to belong to. The Tri-County Animal Shelter recently announced its holiday promotions, which began Dec. 1 with a “Home 4 The Holidays” event and will finish off the month with a big holiday party Dec. 19.

Wild Animals Endure Illness, Injury, and Starvation

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Cecil the lion captured the world’s attention earlier this year when an American dentist hunted and killed him. People were justifiably outraged at this tragedy — so much so, in fact, that they turned against the entire practice of trophy hunting.Numerous airlines responded by banning the transport of a range of hunting trophies on their flights. In October, people were again infuriated when a German hunter shot a 40- to 60-year-old elephant in Zimbabwe. Although this hunt was legal, unlike Cecil’s, the unnecessary killing of wild animals continues to draw public outcry.

‘Blessing Of The Animals’ Brings Creatures Of All Kinds

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Some lucky animals were serenaded inside the Christ Church of Manhattan, as the Upper East Side parish celebrated their 7th annual “Blessing of the Animals” ceremony.  The event offers individual blessings to all kinds of pets, including dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs, farm animals and even NYPD horses.  “They need to feel that God loves them,” Cindy Adams, an organizer of the event, said.

Dogs And Other Animals May Also Have Conscience

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If you’re a pet owner, it would not be surprising for you to know that your pet dog and other animals actually possess the aptitude of self-awareness.  Animals such as magpies, an Asian elephant, great apes, some ants and some dolphins have all previously passed the “mirror test” in which they recognize themselves apart from another object reflected in a mirror.

China Outcry Shows Changing Attitudes To Animals



Public outrage in China over photographs of laboratory dogs lying muzzled and abandoned on the roof of a medical school building spotlights changing attitudes to animal rights, animal welfare groups say. The pictures and video, taken by animal rights activists in the central city of Xi’an, went viral on social media platforms this week, sparking widespread revulsion at the treatment of the animals.

Airports Staffed By Animals

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Your next trip through airport security could be manned by mice.  Why not  Airports already employ dogs as therapists and llamas as bodyguards (yes, really).  In fact, animals hold a range of jobs in the travel industry.

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