These Might Be the Smartest Animals in the World

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A goat boxed with a young boy while a raccoon played the piano and two rabbits reenacted a scene from Romeo and Juliet. Though the I.Q. Zoo in Hot Springs, Ark., might have appeared to be a roadside gimmick, it was actually an important study in psychology and animal behavior. Husband-and-wife team Marian and Keller Breland were not circus showrunners, but rather the first-ever applied animal psychologists.


Half a Million Animals Saved as Nepal Nixes Festival

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Experts say around 500,000 goats, chickens and buffalos were decapitated at Gadhimai in 2009.  Nepal’s Gadhimai Temple Trust, which oversees the world’s biggest animal sacrifice every five years, announced Tuesday that no slaughter would take place at this year’s festival.

7 Ways To Improve Animal Welfare

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Temple Grandin, an animal scientist at Colorado State University, says that being autistic helps her do better work to improve animal welfare in slaughterhouses. There’s a stereotype that people with autism are cold and unfeeling. However, Grandin is empathetic toward animals.  Grandin shared her thought process over at Grist, “To design a good restrainer system, you have to really care about the animals it will hold. You have to imagine what it would be like if you were the animal entering the restrainer.

This Scientist Might End Animal Cruelty

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Maybe you’ve watched the undercover video: A farmer presses a hot iron into the scalp of a wide-eyed calf, burning away tissue that is beginning to turn into horns. She writhes, moaning pathetically, and collapses in the dirt.When Scott Fahrenkrug saw that footage, released by Mercy for Animals in 2010, it made him sick to his stomach. Most of the roughly 9 million dairy cows in the United States have been dehorned—with an iron, clippers, or caustic paste—to protect handlers and other cows.

Crime Stoppers To Help Stop Abuse of NYC Animals

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Help for abused animals in New York City is now just a phone call away.  Anyone wishing to report animal abuse in their neighborhoods can simply call Crime Stoppers — and receive a $2,500 reward for the tip, the NYPD and the ASPCA announced Wednesday.  “We are giving New Yorkers the means and motivation to stop dangerous criminals and giving animal victims a better chance to survive and recover,” ASPCA CEO Matthew Bershadker said as he announced the new initiative at the ASPCA adoption center on E. 92nd St.

Temple Grandin Discuss Practical Side of What Animals Want

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Temple Grandin, an animal scientist who teaches at Colorado State University, works to improve animal welfare in farming. She is autistic, and, as she told Terry Gross, she thinks that may give her a special ability to do her work:  It was easy for me to figure out how animals think and how animals would react because I think visually. Animals don’t think in language. They think in pictures. It’s very easy for me to imagine what would it be like to go through a system if you really were a cow, not a person in a cow costume but really were a cow, and autistic senses and emotions are more like the senses of an animal.

Summer Is Dog Days For Shelter Animals

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Every summer, ACCT Philly has to fight tooth and nail to save animals in its care, and this one is no different.  The summer of 2015 has brought an average of 26 dogs into the shelter each day, more than during the other seasons, Ed Fritz, ACCT Philly’s director of operations, said Monday. With an average daily adoption rate of just eight dogs, the kennel is constantly approaching its capacity of 160.  More people surrender or abandon their pets in the summer than in cooler months, said Ame Dorminy of ACCT Philly’s adoption team. There is no one clear reason this is so, she said, but she speculated that spring birthrates may overwhelm pet owners.

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