21 Animal Pictures To Make You Crease Yourself

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THERE ARE OF course thousand, nay, MILLIONS of gas animal pictures on the internet.  This is just a selection of our favorites…



He Didn’t Know How Long His Puppy Had To Live So He Filmed Her Every Day

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Dave Meinert made a beautiful film of his dog Pegasus as she grew up.  It was made by Dave Meinert, 34, a film-maker from South Africa, and it stars Pegasus.Meinert rescued her from backyard breeders when she was a puppy.  He told BuzzFeed: “Most of her siblings died or were deformed. I’ll never know what was wrong.”  He said: “She saw seven vets in the beginning. She’s just a dog that’s always sick and always, always happy.”


Seeing Humanity In Farm Animals

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You can tell a lot about a person from their expressions. Perplexed eyebrows, pursed lips.  Animals are no different.  From raised noses to lowered heads, outward displays of emotion are not exclusive to humans. But perhaps that isn’t the message inked in these portraits taken by Ronan Yver.  Farm animals have their own stories. Their lives consist of more than rolling in the mud and grazing the fields. The perception of farm life cannot be taken at face value. You have to dig deeper for the truth under the skin.


For the Love of Animals

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Linda and Gary Childs go almost everywhere with their “little girl.”  The retirees, from West Boylston, Mass., love to parade 3-year-old Chino down busy streets in her stroller. They take her to restaurants dressed in her fur-lined vest or polo hoodie where “she sits in her own chair, very polite.”  But their favorite place may be the seashore, where Chino wears sunglasses and one of her four beach dresses while lounging in a chair embroidered with her name.


Can Emoji Help Save Endangered Animals?

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Saving wildlife is now just a tweet away.  On Tuesday, WWF International launched its worldwide “Endangered Emoji” campaign, which lets users contribute to the organization’s conservation efforts by tweeting any one of 17 endangered emoji animals.The campaign reflects recent efforts by charities and advocacy groups to marry philanthropy and social media. In the last few years, donating to a cause has become increasingly simple, as websites, text messaging, and finally Facebook and Twitter provided anyone with a smartphone or an Internet connection with a way to participate or give with a click.


Ancient Egyptian Mummies Often Not Actually Mummified Animals

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According to a new study, many animal mummies from ancient Egypt contain zero mummified animal. Cats are maybe not 100% pure unadulterated cat; ibises might be mud and some feathers. I’m sorry but the window for refunds has quite definitely closed.  That’s according to the BBC, reporting on findings by the Manchester Museum and the University of Manchester. In a pretty neato application of modern technology, they’ve been scanning a bunch of animal mummies they’ve got lying around. Around a third contain precisely zilch in the way of skeletons. 


Cutest Animal Parenting Moments Ever

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Humans aren’t the only species that can be incredibly affectionate towards their children. As these adorable pictures show, the intimate child-parent relationship can be witnessed across the animal kingdom.


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