The Original MGM Lion

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The MGM trademark lion, Leo, famously roars at the beginning of every MGM film. In fact, “Leo” has not been one lion but seven, starting with “Slats” the lion from 1917 to 1928. An actual lion named Leo roared from 1957 to the present day.


Video: Monkey Delicately Pets Puppies

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This capuchin monkey feels the same way about puppies as you do.  In the above video, which was submitted to Reddit, a small monkey tenderly pets a litter of puppies, giving each one a thorough scratching — then, remembering its instincts, stops every so often to check their fur for grubs.  If there was a scale to measure cuteness, this video would register dangerously off the charts.


Stray Dog Adopts Orphaned Kitten and Nurses Her

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Love knows no bounds, and this unlikely family is living proof. In a remarkable story of survival despite the odds, a stray pit bull was found to be raising a helpless orphaned kitten, keeping the newborn alive with her life-giving milk.  The unlikely pair were discovered last Tuesday on a roadside by an animal rescue group in Texas. At first, it appeared the pit bull was with a puppy, but upon closer inspection they realized that it was in fact a tiny cat, no more than a few days old, suckling on her nipple. They rushed them both to the Mercy Animal Clinic in Dallas where veterinarian Dr. Rick Hamlin was astonished by their story and their bond.

Endangered Species Then and Now

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The Endangered Species Act is more than 40 years old, which begs the question: Where are they now? “They” being the thousands of threatened plant and animal species that are protected under the landmark legislation.  Maintaining biodiversity is no easy feat, but many species have rebounded since the act’s inception in 1973. So far, 59 species have been delisted, 20 of which are considered true success stories. But others haven’t been so lucky. An animal can be taken off the list if it is no longer threatened or if it goes extinct. Today, more than 1,400 plants and animals remain endangered or threatened.

Video: Dog Left in Car Blares the Horn

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This dog is furious about being left in a parked car with the windows up and wants everyone to know.  According to the video’s uploader, the dog was discovered in Eureka, California. Apparently, it’d drawn a few onlookers by the time the videographer arrived due to the fact that it had been blaring the horn on and off for several minutes.  No word on whether or not the road-raging pup ever got the attention of its owner, but you have to assume the reunion was tense. Or at least awkward for the owner to come to a parked car full of strangers watching.

Video: Adorable Golden Retriever Learning How To Catch Food

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Fritz the golden retriever is a very good boy, but he’s pretty awful at catching things in his mouth. Watch as his owners toss tacos, strawberries and whole slices of pizza to find out what Fritz can catch. We promise it’s the best video you’ll watch this month.

Cute Mammal With Teddy Bear Face Rediscovered

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You could call it one of the world’s longest games of hide and seek.  For more than 20 years, the Ili pika (Ochotona iliensis), a type of tiny, mountain-dwelling mammal with a teddy bear face, had eluded scientists in the Tianshan Mountains of northwestern China.  People have seen the furry critter only a handful of times since it was discovered by accident in 1983. In fact, people have spotted only 29 live individuals, and little is known about the animal’s ecology and behavior.

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