Loyal Dog Clings To Side Of Ambulance With Friend Inside

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This pooch really went the distance to make sure his owner was going to be OK.  After experiencing some dizziness, J.R. Nicholson, an 85-year-old rancher from Mason, Texas, was rushed to the hospital late last month, ABC News reported. Little did he know, his faithful furry friend, Buddy, wasn’t planning on leaving his side.  A motorist spotted the dog on the side step of the ambulance as it was en route to the hospital, and flagged down the driver. The pup, who was immediately brought into the vehicle after the sighting, had been clinging on for 15 – 21 miles and was thankfully unharmed, according to the outlet.


Meet 10 Species Newly Threatened By Extinction

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The latest tally of who’s who on the endangered species list includes a few newcomers that we’re responsible for putting there.  Thanks to our love of sushi, the Pacific bluefin tuna, the Chinese pufferfish, and the American eel have all moved closer to the extinction designation on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of threatened species.  About a third of the world’s 76,199 known species appear on the Red List.


Cat Lovers Demanding NYC Shelters Stop Killing Strays

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Cat lovers across the globe have their claws out for Mayor Bill de Blasio, demanding that he stop the city’s Animal Care & Control shelters from killing stray felines.  “He is doing nothing,” former Italian Sen. Carla Rocchi, who heads an animal-rights group in her country, fumed to The Post on Sunday. “He has the power to immediately stop the massacre because AC&C is under his government.”


Video: Baby Elephant Fought Off 14 Lions

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Here’s a video of lions attacking an elephant that you won’t soon forget.  We’re guessing the elephant won’t forget it either.  In footage shot by journalists in Zambia’s Chinzombo Camp, a one-year-old elephant fends off attack after attack from a pack of 14 lions—charging, kicking, and stomping its way to safety.  At one point, three lionesses are draped on the back of the elephant, which plunges into a nearby river to shake off its pursuers. The baby had apparently wandered away from its mother and herd, and the pack of lions descended on it.


What PETA Really Stands For

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I am you, only different.  Human beings create temporary and arbitrary boundaries to exclude beings who aren’t like them. Human beings have justified wars, slavery, sexual violence, and military conquests through the mistaken belief that those who are “different” do not experience suffering and are not worthy of moral consideration.These boundaries change throughout history, and we’re horrified now to recall the abuse inflicted on others once classified as outsiders: the extermination of Jewish people by the Nazis, the enslavement of African people by American plantation owners, and the slaughter of Christian people for entertainment by Roman centurions.


Nature’s Most Incredible Creatures

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A Sri Lankan leopard in Slovakia’s Bratislava Zoo uses a wooden post to relieve an itch. The Sri Lankan leopard is endangered in its home country, with no subpopulation of the species larger than 250 individuals. It is one of eight recognized subspecies of leopard—the smallest of the “big cats.”


Video: How Your Cat Sees The World

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The vast majority of cat behavior can be attributed to cats being total jerks who know there’s plenty they can get away with because of how cute they are.  But some of their weird habits are probably just because they see the world very differently than we do. At least, we hope there’s an explanation for why they find hair ties to be so endlessly fascinating.


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