Video: Fireman Rescue An Unconscious Kitten

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Click play, grab your tissues, and feel your heart grow three sizes today.


Transformation of a Dog Who Was Terrified


A puppy, once housed at the City of San Antonio, Texas Animal Care Services facility, was featured in this column over a year ago.  His photo quickly broke hearts…his head was low to the ground, his back hunched over and his entire demeanor reflected pure and utter terror.

Parisian Cat Cafe Offers “Purr Therapy”

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Customers braving the rush at Paris’s newest cafe to order their coffees and croissants, are now able to enjoy them in the company of a dozen resident cats.  The “Cafe des Chats” in the heart of the capital’s chic Marais district is home to a dozen felines who weave in between the tables or curl up on armchairs as diners tuck in.

Images: Hilarious Animal Photobombs

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Deirdre Mead and Jonathan Itskov were celebrating a birthday at Six Flags Adventure Land in New Jersey when photobombing expert Conan the gutsy giraffe decided to steal the couple’s limelight.

Elephants, Killer Whales, and Exercise

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The lives of orcas and elephants are remarkably similar, unhappily so in those areas where they interface with humans. Both have been hunted and captured, both are forced to perform tricks and live in unsuitable enclosures.

Male Orangutans Found to Share Travel Plans

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After several years tracking orangutans in the Sumatran swamplands, researchers made some surprising discoveries, they report in the journal PLoS One: males make travel plans up to 24 hours in advance and share them with nearby orangutans by emitting long, loud calls that can be heard more than a half-mile away.

Cat Unlocks iPhone Using Fingerprint Sensor

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As you can see in the video above, Apple’s new fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s isn’t restricted to human users. After commandeering a cat, I tested a colleague’s hypothesis that you could register the identifying skin segments of your favorite furry friends for Touch ID, too.

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