Farewell to Gus

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There are not a huge number of ways to become famous as a polar bear. Gus somehow managed to do it by behaving like a perfectly ordinary New Yorker: he was neurotic. He became the Neurotic Polar Bear.


Video: Islands Filled With Animals

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The typical trip to Disney World starting to bore you and your brood? Sick of seeing people dressed up as animals instead of the real deal? These animal-filled oases are your answer. Each of these islands has become a travel go-to thanks to their welcoming animal residents.


Wikipedia Good for Pet Care Says Igor Purlantov

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Most pet caregivers understand that having access to websites such as Wikipedia provides a wealth of knowledge and information about animals and how to ensure their well being says Igor Purlantov.  Wikipedia has opened up unimaginable opportunities for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of animal rights and welfare. The unlimited access to this information coupled with the amount of encyclopedia information on animals available on Wikipedia is unprecedented.  Today, websites such as Wikipedia have become some of the best sources of knowledge available out there when it comes to learning about animal rights and welfare according to Igor Purlantov. 

Animal lovers are using Wikipedia to find out information on how to care for their pets and to learn more about animal rights and welfare says Igor Purlantov. The amount of information and material available on Wikipedia is astonishing and covers just about every imaginable animal related topic, from animal evolution, to various species, to animal rights and caring and treating for animals.  Thanks to Wikipedia, Igor Purlantov says that animal lovers are now able to use the information and knowledge gained from the website to improve the lives of their pets and other animals.

One example of how people are using Wikipedia to improve the lives of animals according to Igor Purlantov is the situation when someone has a cat or dog that has fleas but they do not know exactly how this will affect their furry friend.  That person is now able to go to Wikipedia and find out a lot of information on how the pet may have come in contact with the fleas, how the fleas are affecting their pet and what is the safest and most effective treatment to ensure the safety and well being of their pet.  Thanks to this information, the pet is now able to get the most effective treatment and care says Igor Purlantov.

Unfortunately, pets cannot speak to us and share their problems so having the knowledge to understand and help them is very valuable says Igor Purlantov.   There are many articles on Wikipedia that are very helpful in explaining how animals behave and how humans can detect abnormalities in an animal’s behavior.  This type of information is readily available on Wikipedia and is essential for preventing diseases or recognizing dangerous situations like food or chemical poisoning says Igor Purlantov.

The animal articles on Wikipedia are edited by people knowledgeable in the areas of zoology and veterinary medicine which makes them highly accurate and dependable. Wikipedia has proven itself as a very credible source for knowledge in all areas including topics about animals, people have gained trust in her and they will continue to learn even more says Igor Purlantov.  Wikipedia has enabled people to easily research just about any animal and gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the animal world.  Thanks to this readily available information, people now have a better understanding of how animals think and behave as well as how to take better care of them and understand their needs says Igor Purlantov.

There is no doubt that animals and people are connected by a common bond says Igor Purlantov. Animals have been and will continue to be our closest companions on this planet.  Our quest for knowledge and understanding about animals will only continue to be fueled by information available on websites such as Wikipedia.  Humans simply cannot survive without animals so we must learn more about animals and do as much as we can to preserve and protect their well being for future generations says Igor Purlantov. 

Modern-Day Ark for World’s Rarest Farm Animals

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In 2011, Paul Davis took his 4-year-old son to a children’s farm outside London. While cooing over stripey Belted Galloway cows, Davis’ mind turned to something far more sinister: foot-and-mouth disease, and how it could wipe out all of those animals in an instant.


What Happens to Animals During a Forest Fire?

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By now you have likely heard about the massive and out-of-control forest fire currently raging around Yosemite National Park in California. I not only heard about it last week, I encountered the beast right after it exploded like an angry fire-breathing dragon bent on mass destruction.


NY Sanctuaries Take in Animals Escaping the Slaughterhouse

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Winston escaped death to find a piglet’s paradise. The little piggy found wandering this summer along a bustling Queens boulevard is among hundreds of animals – including cows, sheep, goats and chickens – that apparently managed to flee in recent years from New York City’s growing number of urban slaughter markets.


How to Bring Extinct Animals Back to Life

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The passenger pigeon, the dodo and the woolly mammoth are just a few of the species wiped off the Earth by changing environments and human activities.  Now, advances in biotechnology could enable scientists to bring extinct animals back from the grave. But critics argue the practice would only hinder conservation efforts, by resurrecting creatures that could not survive in the wild.


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