How The Tabby Cat Got Its Stripes

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From where does a tabby cat get its stripes? The same place cheetahs get their spots. A new study finds the same gene that is responsible for the cheetah’s color patterns causes a tabby’s stripes. Mutations in this newly identified gene transform a tabby’s typical striped pattern into a less familiar “blotched” look. In cheetahs, similar mutations smear spots into thick stripes.

The Poodle Moth And Other Beautiful Moths

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This is the long elusive poodle moth. Dr. Arthur Anker, snapped this photo in Venezuela. He’s a specialist interested in “taxonomy, diversity and phylogeny” of shrimp and insects and shared the discovery with the world on his Flickr page. When a new species is discovered, science has to find where it fits with other species. As they’ve never seen the poodle moth before, scientists will use apparent evolutionary steps to create theories as to it’s evolution. This simple photo sparked a wide scientific debate in the entomological community.

Rent-A-Reptile: Florida Company Adds Alligators To Kids’ Pool Parties

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Bob Barrett gives Florida kids pool parties they’ll never forget — because they get to swim with real live alligators. Jump houses? Pizza parties? Boring, says Barrett. “You jump for a while and that’s it, we’ve had that party before,” he told the Daily News. “Clown party, Chuck E. Cheese party, they’ve all been done.” Barrett, who runs Alligator Attractions in Madeira Beach — where visitors get to hold gators — was already bringing his reptiles around to birthday parties when he was inspired to take the next step.

Underwater Dogs: Hilarious Snaps Of Dogs Playing Fetch … Head First Into Water


Here’s a new take on an old game! Photographer Seth Casteel has dogs go fetch … head first into water. The end result of this deceptive game is a hilarious snapshot of adorable pooches underwater. The images have been compiled into a 2013 calendar that will be released on Oct. 23, 2012.

Apes Enjoy Slapstick Humor

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Tripping on a banana peel is the oldest sight gag in the book, but it can be enough to get apes giggling.


Sharks Are Color-Blind

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Sharks are color blind, new research suggests, with the toothy predators likely forever seeing the world in black and white. The study, published in the latest Royal Society Biology Letters, is the first to investigate the genetic basis and spectral tuning of the shark visual system. The ramifications could be huge, helping to save both sharks and people.

Baby Giant Panda Born At D.C. Zoo

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A giant panda lent to the United States by China and living at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. l has given birth to a cub, zoo officials said Monday. The birth occurred at about 10:46 pm local time Sunday, according to the zoo’s chief veterinarian, Suzan Murray. During a press conference at the National Zoo on Monday, Dennis Kelly, Director of the Smithsonian National Zoo said, “We have pandas for research opportunities” and now that we have a cub, they will have even more to study. Mei Xiang, as the mom panda is called, “is cradling her cub closely, and she looks so tired,” Murray said in a statement.

26 Humans And Pets Who Are Getting Some Wet Lovin’

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Remember our slideshow of animal-human hugs? We’re back with a second installation — a collection of slobbery animal kisses. From two otters getting it on to a British MP kissing his Bull Terrier, this slideshow is a celebration of the no-holds-barred affection that only animals are capable of.

Largest Animal On Earth Of CA Coast

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There’s still time to see one of the greatest shows on Earth. And it’s not far, particularly if you live near Long Beach, CA (or another ocean-front city). The largest animal on the planet, the Blue Whale, is frolicking, literally, in the waters off Southern California right now and Captain Dan Salas, owner of Harbor Breeze Cruises, couldn’t be more excited. But it’s not just the increased business the whales bring. It’s the excitement.

Video: Animals Covering Their Eyes: The Most Adorable Movie Cliché Ever?

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Is there a movie cliché in the annals of cinema that is more enjoyable than “animal covers eyes”? No, there is not. The true measure of the trope’s success is its versatility. An animal is embarrassed for someone else…covers its eyes. An animal is afraid for its life…covers its eyes. An animal is ashamed…covers its eyes. You get the idea. Also, unlike “befuddled dog cocks head” this cliché is great because it can be applied to a large cross section of beasts, though it is a particular mainstay among dogs and monkeys.

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