Video: Teeny, Tiny Piggy Conquers Stairs

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I feel a strange sense of bliss–euphoria even–after watching little Hamlet conquer the stairs, and I just want to share that feeling with all of you. Someone needs to learn how to bottle this feeling legally, because the rest of my day is made!


Video: It Ain’t No Thang: Dog Herds Siberian Tigers

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Solo, a border collie at a South African wildlife reserve, has apparently found sheep herding life too mundane for his liking. In actuality, Solo doesn’t have any sheep to herd, so he used his natural instincts with an entirely different species – Siberian Tigers.

Video: Hounds Hang Ten In San Diego

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Canines, owners, and dog-lovers alike hit up the coastal city of San Diego this past Saturday for some healthy competition at the seventh annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition. Dogs competed amongst other dogs within their size category and were judged based on their skills and confidence out in the surf.

The End Of The Affair: Tortoise Marriage Ends After 115 Years

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The apparent split of giant tortoises Bibi and Poldi after 115 years of wedded bliss has left an Austrian Zoo, let alone the entire tortoise community, shell-shocked as the two tortoises throw in the towel. According to the Austrian Times, Bibi and Poldi, who were born in 1897, can no longer stand each other’s company at the Happ Reptile Zoo in Klagenfurt, Austria, which they call home.  Rather than merely drifting apart with age, they’ve become violent — Bibi especially, who first alerted zoo staff to the breakup by attacking Poldi, biting a chunk out of his shell.

What Were They Thinking? Studies Reveal Animal Intellect

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The more we study animals, the less special we seem. Baboons can distinguish between written words and gibberish. Monkeys seem to be able to do multiplication. Apes can delay instant gratification longer than a human child can. They plan ahead. They make war and peace. They show empathy. They share. “It’s not a question of whether they think — it’s how they think,” says Duke University scientist Brian Hare. Now scientists wonder if apes are capable of thinking about what other apes are thinking.

Will Elephants Still Roam Earth In 20 Years?

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At the start of the 1980s there were over a million elephants, during that decade 600,000 were destroyed for ivory products. Today perhaps no more than 400,000 remain across Africa, according to Samuel Wasser of the University of Washington, who is widely recognized as an authority on the subject. It is a tragedy beyond reckoning and humanity needs to pay attention to the plight of the elephants before it is too late.

Lions On The Loose In Kenyan Capital

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Big cats are under pressure as one of Africa’s fastest-growing cities creeps onto hunting grounds.  The encroachment of the urban jungle onto lion habitat is increasing the probability of attacks. Development needs to be managed in a sustainable manner.

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