Video: Bear Caught Skinny Dipping In Los Angeles Foothills

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3 tell tale signs that summer is upon us: 1. You discover that your air conditioning is broken. 2. You avoid getting into your car because you know you will have burn marks afterwards. 3. You look into your backyard to find a bear cooling off in your pool.


Illinois May Approve Mini Seeing-Eye Horses As Service Animals

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The state Senate voted Tuesday to add miniature horses to the list of service animals, like seeing-eye dogs, that can accompany people with disabilities. The vote sends the measure to the Illinois House.

The Other Seabiscuit: Spooked Horse Swims Two Miles Offshore

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An Arabian show horse named William was rescued this past week after he got spooked and ran into the open ocean, swimming two miles out to sea. The 7-year-old horse bolted from a beach photo shoot near Santa Barbara, California and plunged into the ocean, launching a rescue effort that included helicopter searchers.

Video: Baby Penguin Reacts To First Sight Of Human

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Humans love to line up in front of the glass walls at penguin zoo exhibits, staring at the antics of the black-and-white, two-legged creatures. But what about when the tides are turned, when penguins get a chance to meet the strange humans, observing them for the first time? That moment was captured on camera by a man traveling to penguins’ home habitat, Antarctica.

Should Microchipping Dogs Be Mandatory?

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I just heard a story in the news about a family who had lost their dog. They did everything to find him — putting up posters, checking shelters — nothing. Then, after two years, they get a phone call. Their dog was found. The person who found the dog took him to be scanned for a microchip and it showed who his family was and they were reunited.

Tourists Get Too Close To An Alaskan Brown Bear

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Picture this. A brown bear saunters out of the brush along a highway. A car pulls over, followed by a pickup truck. Passengers jump out to take snapshots. They edge closer, crowding the bear, deriving comfort from numbers and their self-possessed superiority over other animals. Soon a bear jam is forming, with more vehicles veering off the road and more people snatching cameras and leaving common sense behind.

Baby Warthogs Born At Zoo Miami

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Just as the Arsht Center hosts Pumbaa, the singing warthog in Broadway hit “The Lion King,” Zoo Miami welcomes four new warthogs piglets. But that’s not the first connection the local zoo’s had to the Disney production. The film’s animators visited Zoo Miami back in 1993 (when it was still called Miami Metro Zoo) and studied the resident animals as models for some of the characters in the film.

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