Video: Duck Fashion Show: Animals Go Waddling Down The Catwalk In Australia

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The models at a fashion show in Sydney, Australia, waddled a little more than usual on the runway. But it wasn’t because any of the models were retaining water that month … it was because the models were, well, ducks.


Dolphin Spends Third Day In California Wetlands

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A wayward dolphin is spending a third straight day in a narrow wetlands channel along the Southern California coast, under the watchful eyes of wildlife experts. Peter Wallerstein of Marine Animal Rescue said Sunday that the 6-foot-long, black-and-white common dolphin looks healthy, but appears slightly disoriented.

Hen Gives Birth To Live ‘Eggless’ Chick In Sri Lanka

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It’s a bizarre story that is sure to reinvigorate the age old philosophical question of ‘What came first: the chicken or the egg?’: a chick in Sri Lanka has been born live, without an egg. The oddball event, which has been confirmed by certified veterinary officers in the area, is actually more of a biological mystery than a philosophical one. Quite simply, birds are supposed to lay eggs. In fact, no bird species has ever been discovered which gives birth to live young. Could this Sri Lankan hen therefore be the first bird ever to do so?

First Camera Trap Photos Of Rare Leopard In China

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The first-known camera trap photos of an Amur leopard in China have recently been taken by protected area staff in Hunchun Amur Tiger National Nature Reserve in Jilin Province according to the Wildlife Conservation Society. Coupled with Jilin Province’s recent announcement of a survey estimating 8-11 leopards across that northern province, the photographs suggest that leopards may be returning to China.

Video: White Russian Killer Whale

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Researchers in the Far East Russia Orca Project have discovered the worlds only known all-white male orca. The footage released of “Iceberg,” named for the way the white dorsal fin looks coming up out of the water, shows the mammal swimming with his pod off Russia’s Commander Islands in the Bering Sea. The researchers announced that they are hoping to relocate the mammal this summer and find out whether Iceberg is a true albino orca, or just a beautiful, rare white version of the species.

Lizard Moms May Prepare Their Babies For A Stressful World

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Stressed out lizard moms tend to give their developing embryos short shrift, but the hardship may ultimately be a good thing for the babies once they’re born, according to a study published in the journal Physiological and Biochemical Zoology.

Polar Bear DNA Study Shows Split From Brown Bears Earlier Than Previously Thought

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Polar bears have been chilling on the ice far longer than is generally thought, new research suggests, and they probably interbred with brown bears at one point after the two species separated. The new German study contradicts data from a study published last July in the journal Current Biology that suggested polar bears separated from brown bears150,000 years ago. The new study analyzed the bears’ mitochondrial DNA, a special “additional genome” that lives in the cell’s energy factories and is passed down only from the mother. The new study concludes that the bears became separate species closer to 600,000 years ago.

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