Six-Legged Calf Is Instant Hit In Switzerland

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Meet leggy Lilli, a cute calf who has become an instant celebrity in Switzerland. When Lilli came into the world — in Weissenburg, 19 miles south of the capital city Bern — with two extra legs attached to her back, an assisting vet didn’t give her much chance of survival.


Bururi Long-Fingered Frog, Cardioglossa Cyaneospila, Comes Out Of Hiding

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A long-fingered frog last seen in 1949 and feared extinct has come out of hiding in the forests of Burundi, a small country in eastern Africa, scientists reported this week. Called the Bururi long-fingered frog (Cardioglossa cyaneospila), the amphibian is about 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters) long, with a black and bluish-gray coloration.

Titanoboa, World’s Biggest Snake, Coming To Smithsonian

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The world’s biggest snake is coming to the nation’s capital. A model of it, anyway. The scientifically accurate, realistic model of the prehistoric reptile is coming to the Museum of Natural History. And it’s huge! Titanoboa is 48 feet long and weighs 2,500 pounds — think of this snake as being about the length of a male sperm whale, or a city bus, and about as heavy as a hippo.

Orphaned Baby Owls Get New Home, Move In With Buddy Jimmy Robinson

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After hatching in an incubator at a hawk conservancy in England, two orphaned baby owls have moved in with their new dad, park keeper Jimmy Robinson for a month of hand-rearing at his home, MSNBC’s Animal Tracks reports. The burrowing owlets, named Linford and Christie, are 6 weeks old and will require 24-hour care. According to the network, the species gets its names from burrowing in small spaces in the wild.

Stowaway Kitten Back In Marin

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A cat that wandered into the engine compartment of a van – and ended up traveling from Mill Valley to Santa Cruz – is back in Marin County. “She is quite adorable and in very good shape, with no apparent injuries or illness,” said John Reese, a spokesman for the Marin Humane Society, which is providing a temporary home for the wayward feline at its Novato shelter. “She is healthy and in full purr.”

Video: Man Cuddles Lions In Zebra Colored Truck

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Befriending a pride of lions never looked so easy. While it’s not certain if that brave man in the YouTube video is a park ranger or professional animal trainer, one thing is for certain. He’s certainly got a way with those affectionate big cats in his magnificent zebra truck. The best part of the clip? When two of them cuddle him and lick his head.

Cat Falls Twenty Stories And Survives

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We all know cats have nine lives, but this kitty is still the luckiest cat in the world. She fell almost twenty stories onto a small patch of mulch and walked away unscathed.

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