Video: Koala Seen Running Down The Hall At Edinburgh Zoo

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If you’re looking for a bit of cuteness today, look no further to Yabbra the koala. In this adorable YouTube video, the animal is spotted behind the scenes at the Edinburgh Zoo. The clip shows Yabbra wandering the halls of the zoo after he hangs out in his outdoor sanctuary. Like most Koalas, he can sleep for around 22 hours in a single day. But when he’s awake, he’s really awake.


Video: Sleeping Hummingbird Snores Just Like Us

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Okay, so the little lady isn’t technically snoring — but she’s still adorable. Reddit users got an unexpected treat this weekend when a video of a sleeping hummingbird — a female Amethyst-throated Sunangel to be exact — spread like wildfire on the site’s front page.

4 Healthy Games To Play With Your Cat

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Never underestimate the power of play for your indoor cat: Cats not only need but enjoy regular play sessions. Just don’t expect your Persian to revel in a game of fetch, and forget trying to engage your Siamese in a friendly game of tug-of-war.

Video: Ruby The Giraffe Born At England’s Marwell Zoo

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In front of an audience of roughly 60 people, baby Ruby entered the world at England’s Marwell Zoo. The baby giraffe is the first to be born to Irsula, the zoo’s resident giraffe. The zoo is celebrating it’s 40th year, and Ruby’s name was chosen to reflect the stone signifying the anniversary.

Video: 27-Pound Lobster ‘Rocky’ Caught 5 Miles Off The Coast Of Maine

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The giant weighs in at a whopping 27 pounds and has been christened “Rocky.  Rocky won’t be boiled and served with drawn butter, though. Robert Malone, the shrimper who caught him, donated him to the Maine State Aquarium. He’s the biggest lobster ever to be brought into the aquarium by a solid four pounds, and the largest one people can recall ever being caught in Maine. But his stay in the aquarium has already come to an end: he was released into the Atlantic yesterday.

Potamites Montanicola, New Lizard Species, Discovered In Andes

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Researchers have discovered a new species of lizard in a strange place. The brightly colored, water-loving lizards live in the Andes Mountains in southern Peru — an odd place to find them, scientists say, because of the chilly conditions.

Baby Aardvark Born At Brookfield Zoo

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Brookfield Zoo announced the arrival of the first aardvark born at the suburban Chicago facility in a decade Wednesday.  According to the zoo, the baby aardvark was born on Jan. 12 at 4.5 pounds, and was already 13 pounds on Wednesday. Its mother, Jessi, and its father, Hoover, were part of a breeding program and on loan from other zoos.

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