Best Place in the World to See Wildlife

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When people ask me, “What’s the best place in the world to see wildlife?” I generally say, “Wherever you happen to be right now. Just look.” They nod politely. After a second they add, “OK, and if I want to travel?” The obvious possibilities come to mind—the rainforests of Costa Rica, Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park—along with a few quirkier ones, such as Los Llanos in Venezuela and the Himalayan foothills in Bhutan. In the end though, I always answer, “The Okavango Delta in Botswana.”

Amazing Hero Puppy Saves Girl in Siberian Wilderness

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Karina Chikitova is three and a half years old, and after 11 days of being lost in the Siberian wilderness with only her puppy, Kyrachaan, at her side, she was rescued. The little girl wandered away from her home in a remote village in the far reaches of eastern Russia, and because of miscommunication among family members, she wasn’t discovered to be missing until days later, The Siberian Times reports.

Pet Friendly Dating Sites Match People with Pooches

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On these dating sites, a passion for pets will help you find more than just puppy love.  Sites like and have found a new niche as singles flock to computers and smartphones to find relationships, connecting dog owners to potential mates who enjoy long walks in the dog park and slobbery canine kisses as much as they do. Many of the sites encourage users to bring their dogs on first dates to break the ice or size up canine chemistry.

Humpback Whale Breaches Off New York City

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There she blows!  A humpback whale, dubbed Jerry by researchers, showed that some summer tourists come by sea, as the magnificent creature surfaced off the coast of the Big Apple.  Jerry got a gorgeous glimpse of the Empire State Building, and surely must be heading to Broadway to take in a performance of “The Little Mermaid.”  Scientists describe Jerry’s behavior as spyhopping, a move that’s much like humans treading water and allows the massive marine mammals to take a look at their surroundings.

Bottlenose Dolphin Adopts Baby Orphan of a Different Species

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Dolphin watchers discovered a rare occurrence recently off the New Zealand coast: A bottlenose dolphin adopted an abandoned common dolphin pup.  According to The New Zealand Herald, Kiwi made headlines five years ago when she lost her own baby, named Squirt, after getting stranded in a muddy inlet. Rescuers were able to return the mother to the ocean, but Squirt, which was nowhere to be found, was believed to have been eaten by an orca during the separation.

Stray Kitten Lands Role on Broadway

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A stray kitten named Alfonso won a cat casting call on Monday, pouncing on a role in the upcoming Broadway revival of “You Can’t Take it With You.”  Director Scott Ellis picked Alfonso out of 14 auditioning kittens, all rescues provided by the Humane Society.  Alfonso’s role calls for him to sit on a desk and eat as actress Kristine Nielsen pounds away on a typewriter.  During the auditions at the New 42nd Street Studios — which were also attended by co-star Rose Byrne — the kitties were placed, one by one, on top of the stage desk.

Cat Survives 12 Story Plunge In Manhattan

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One cat is lucky to be alive after falling 12-stories at a Manhattan apartment building earlier this week.  Owner Samuel Jacobs said he panicked when he returned to his 15th floor apartment on East 32nd Street Tuesday and couldn’t find his 6-year-old cat Gizmo.

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