Video: Lion Cubs Hug Trainer On His Last Day At Park

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In this heartwarming¬†video, baby lions climb, hug and lick a park worker on his last day on the job.¬†It’s not certain if the man in the video is a volunteer or an official worker at the lion park, but one thing is for sure — these animals don’t want to let him go. Their squeals alone are enough to make you shed a tear.

Video: Baby Elephant Seals Hug Photographer

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Charlie Bird, a nature photographer, traveled to Antarctica to take in the wonders of the cold continent. On his travels he met a pair of enormous baby elephant seals that wanted to cuddle. After watching this video, I am glad to see than the seals ultimately chose to roll off of him after they were done cuddling!

Video: Cat Hugs Bearded Dragon

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Once upon one year ago, with her cat and bearded dragon in tow, a woman moved into a new apartment. However, the change of scenery freaked the little lizard out and he dropped a few pounds from the stress.


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