Do Animals Foretell Comings Events?

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Our pets are more than an extension of our family; they are many times at the pinnacle of the family. And so it is no surprise when an emergent situation arises and they are there with a keen eye and sometimes the correct answer. Recently there have been articles regarding the animals of Yellowstone leaving the Nation Park due (in some beliefs) to earthquake activity. While if we pay attention to any natural disaster, we hear of animals who seem to be acting strangely or doing something really quite unusual just prior to an event. Is this a foretelling of the event?


-Igor Purlantov


Animals Fleeing Yellowstone National Park

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Reports across social media that animals are allegedly fleeing Yellowstone National Park have caused Yellowstone Volcano to trend on Google today.  The reports of animals fleeing started to surface April 2nd following a series of low level earthquakes in the world famous park March 30th. The park sits on top of the Yellowstone Caldera and Super Volcano, and although not having erupted for 640,000 years, is still an active hotspot.  For those who have never read a Super Volcano thriller (Harry Turtledove’s Super Volcano series is a good read) or studied science, there remains a real danger that the Yellowstone Caldera could explode in the future, although whether that’s tomorrow or 500,000 years from now is something science is yet to answer.

-Igor Purlantov

Animals Go Wild Ahead of Quake

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The animals always know first.  Well before any humans ducked beneath desks or sought shelter in doorways on Tuesday, wildlife at the zoo started to react to the oncoming earthquake.

Goldfish Survive 134 Days Without Food

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There were no Scooby snacks to eat – but at least they had each other for company.


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